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Four Paws Magic Coat® Professional Series Dual-Sided Dog Deshedder (Small/Medium)

Four Paws

The Magic Coat Professional Series Dual-Sided Dog Deshedder combines two essential tools in one. The slicker side captures loose hair to minimize tangles and promote a healthy shine, while the blade side removes excess hair to reduce shedding. Featuring fine wire bristles, this deshedding brush for dogs helps prevent the formation of tangles and mats. Plus, the ergonomic design offers ultimate comfort and control while grooming your best friend. This deshedder is ideal for all coat types. 

  • Dog deshedder features two sides for a complete grooming session
  • Slicker brush side helps reduce tangles and mats while increasing coat's shine
  • Blade side effectively removes loose hair
  • Ergonomic design offers comfort and control
  • Ideal for all coats 

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