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Grease Monkey Wipes Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes Canister (25-Count)

Grease Monkey Wipes

Grease Monkey Wipes are a heavy duty solution for heavy duty hand cleaning. No access to soap and water? No problem! Grease Monkey Wipes are pre-moistened, over sized and extra strong. Grease Monkey uses a safe yet powerful citrus formula rather than harsh chemicals to wipe away grease, grime, oil, lubricants, adhesives, permanent ink and other gunk. Ideal for cleaning messes associated with auto repair & roadwork, painting & construction, cycling, fishing, hunting, camping, and more. GETTIN' GUNKY? GRAB A MONKEY!!

Key Features

  • Heavy duty hand cleaning wipes for when you don't have access to soap and water.
  • Easily removes heavy grease, oil, lubricants, adhesives, permanent ink, and other grime from skin
  • Safe and powerful, removes dirt and grime with a citrus based formula rather than harsh chemicals
  • Extra-Large size towels of durable construction. Keep 'em where you need 'em - your toolbox, glove box, garage, autos, RV, 4x4, and tackle box
  • 25-Count Canister

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