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The family business that has been running for over 50 years.

Aiken County Farm Supply was founded by Julian “JP” Pace Kneece Jr in 1958. It was originally established in Montmorenci, but JP soon moved the business to our current Park Avenue address. We are now located near the train tracks, just a few minutes from downtown.

The town of Aiken formed around those same train tracks laid down in 1833 by the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company, in a line stretching from the city of Charleston down to the mighty Savannah River. In JP’s days the railroad was still an important way to bring in new supplies and goods to the shop. It was also more geared toward the farmer, cultivating soil and crop production.

When Pace was growing up he had a knack for the farming business. At 10 years old he was selling packets of seed to people around town. By 14 he was working at Aiken County Farm Supply regularly. He left the work to finish college then returned home to come back to the business. JP eventually sold the business to his son, (Pace) Julian Pace Kneece III, for $1 in 1979. Pace, who runs the company to this day, still insists it was a pricey deal.

While Pace was running the business, he was approached by an equine feed company who pitched him on the idea of selling horse feed to Aiken’s growing horse community. Reluctant at first, Pace took their feed on a promise that if it didn’t sell, they’d take it back. In his first month, Aiken County Farm Supply sold 5 tons of feed. That went on to become 10 tons a month, then 20 and we now sell roughly 30 tons of feed each month!

As Aiken County Farm Supply continues to serve the needs of Aiken’s evolving equestrian community we stay close to our roots as a family business with Pace’s daughter and brother playing important roles in the company.